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With the passing of the Beast from the East and not only the first but the second hot spell of the year, it’s time to start preparing for our Great British Summer. What better way to truly embrace this often short-lived season than bringing it into our homes. There are so many exciting new trends to look forward too, full of so much colour and texture, from Ice-cream pastels, glittery golds, indigo blues and even Wabi Sabi.

Below, we briefly show you the highlights of the season and how to put them together.

Wabi Sabi
As explored in our last post; the Japanese approach concentrates on the elegance in simplicity and imperfection, valuing the uncluttered, underplayed and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes. This approach isn’t about clearing out your home and starting again, but instead about stripping back the unnecessary and appreciating natural aging. Wabi-Sabi doesn’t just limit itself to the aesthetic; it’s all about a representation of something deeper and more meaningful, so when truly embraced, it can lead to a more mindful and fulfilling way of living.

Ice Cream colours
Gelato colours are going to be a huge in both interior and fashion trends this summer. Mix and match pastels to create a contrasting and vibrant palette of the soft and bold. From the bubble-gum blues to the strawberry pinks and pistachio greens, keep these on a neutral backing be it black, vanilla or white to emphasis their beauty. They can be introduced by a lick of paint on a single feature wall or, if your feeling particularly adventurous, multiple. If you’re aiming for a more subtle look; accessorize with themed dining chairs, tableware and pastel hued vases.

Foliage and more foliage
The health benefits of the humble houseplant are well documented. However, they don’t simply hold medicinal advantages, but are also aesthetically pleasing. Place them in bare corners and on coffee tables. Make a bold statement by adding textured rugs and stripy cushions.

Glittery Golds
Whilst metallic trends filtered through last year, this year the colour is Gold! It brings a sense of decadence and elegance and is ever present on ornate handles and gilt picture frames. Less is more when it comes to gold, try accessorizing and not over-doing it with gawdy gold overload.

Combine foliage with the glittery golds to create a joyous tropical paradise. This look will work both inside and out, choose leaf prints, layer different coloured linen tablecloths and use darker shades for the tableware. Palm motifs look fantastic and can be scaled up to create some really striking prints. Merge your golds and your houseplants with vibrant pinks and blues to create your tropical haven.

Pops of Colour
This is the strongest trend coming through this season, its all about mixing bright bold colours together. Though a very strong look, it is very easy to create. Start with one or two main colours, such as blue bedding and neutral walls, build the look by adding accessories such as cushions, rugs, and lighting all in a bold bright colour scheme. Team strips and patterns together and addd depth to your look with texture.

Apollo Interiors can transform your home. With our seamless design and build ethic we will achieve the finished look you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today to start on your journey.

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