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First impressions count.  So how can you make sure your aesthetics clinic is creating the right one?

Simple – follow our top ten tips to designing a successful reception and waiting area:
1. Set the mood

Before you get started, decide what mood you want to create in your clinic.  Are you going for a minimalist, clinical look or a relaxed, cosy vibe?  Perhaps you want to capture the design trends of the moment.  Create a mood board to capture the style you’re going for and the types of materials, colours and finishes.

2. Showcase your brand

Make sure your logo is prominently on display in your reception area.  A good trick is to use colourways in your interior which echo or complement your brand colours.  Choose a font for your brand and ensure you use it consistently in your marketing materials.

3. Think practical

Reception desks should be designed with staff and clients in mind.  Staff need a practical and comfortable space to work behind, with enough storage and room to fulfil their role.  Clients need a welcoming area with room to lean and complete paperwork.

4. Think inclusive

When designing your reception area, give due consideration to your clinic’s accessibility.  Make sure you include a lowered section of desk for wheelchair users and features such as hearing loops for customers with additional needs.

5.  A home from home

Or perhaps that should be office.  If your clients tend to be busy professionals, creating a waiting area with laptop spaces, power sockets and wifi is a great idea.  A waiting period isn’t wasted if it’s productive.

6. Small touches make a big difference

When it comes to customer service and client satisfaction, small touches go a long way.  Offering clients a choice of complimentary refreshments will make them feel welcome (who doesn’t love a freebie?)  Your offering should reflect the calibre of client you are looking to attract (if you’re aiming upmarket think artisan coffees and mineral water rather than instant coffee and UHT milk).

7. Opt for comfort

When it comes to waiting areas, comfort is key.  Comfy sofas are much more inviting than hard chairs.  Make sure any soft furnishings are practical though and easy to keep clean.  No one likes feeling penned in, so ensure there is enough space and provide enough seats to leave room between clients.

8. Entertainment

Interesting and current reading materials, TV screens and relaxing music will all help engage and distract clients.

9. Product Displays

Chances are you will have products for sale.  Displaying them attractively and securely in your reception area will increase visibility and sales.

10. Finishing touches

If you’re aiming to attract an upmarket clientele, small details can really help convey a sense of luxury.  An appealing scent, created by strategically placed diffusers, fresh flower displays and pampering toiletries all help convey a sense of beauty and luxury.

If you’re after expert advice in designing your own aesthetics clinic, contact Apollo Interiors for a no-obligation consultation.

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