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There are now more aesthetics awards about than ever before. But how do you choose which to enter? And is entering really worth all the hassle? Yes – and here’s why…

As a reputable practitioner, there are multiple benefits to entering (and hopefully winning!) aesthetics awards.

While it can be a challenge just deciding which awards to enter, let alone compiling your entry, the potential gains can be huge. Here’s why:

1. Competitive advantages from aesthetics awards

Picture this – you’re a potential new client looking for a practitioner to perform a few tweakments. Do you go for the award-winning clinic or the one with no accolades. Enough said.

2. Increased marketing opportunities

Always looking for new content for your social media? Even just entering for an aesthetics award gives you a whole lot of new material to talk about. And if you win? Best get sharing…

3. Better client loyalty

Entering and winning industry awards proves to your clients that you are a leader in your field. This in turn increases their customer loyalty because it reinforces their reasons for choosing you in the first place. So as well as gaining new clients, you’re more likely to retain your existing ones too.

4. Employee motivation

Awards are a great way to recognise the hard work and achievements of your whole team. Inviting your employees to an awards ceremony is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate their success and boost staff morale and motivation. Being shortlisted for an award alone is a great reason to feel proud of the company you work for.

4. Business exposure

Being nominated for an aesthetics award is a sure fire way of increasing your business exposure. Putting your name up there alongside other industry high-fliers increases awareness of your business and elevates its reputation. It also puts you in front of industry leaders and influencers and gets your name out there.

5. More sales

As we’ve touched upon, awards provide the opportunity for increased business exposure, competitive advantage and client loyalty, all of which lead to an increase in sales. Research has shown that businesses who regularly enter and win awards have a higher sales and income compared to businesses who don’t enter awards.

6. Benchmarking

The aesthetics awards nominations process provides a good opportunity to compare yourself to your competitors and identify what makes you stand out. This provides an opportunity to think about how you can gain a further competitive advantage and which areas you may need to improve upon. When you’re caught up in the day-to-day running of your business, you don’t often take the time to benchmark against your competitors so this process provides a valuable opportunity.

7. Recognition of expertise

Entering (and hopefully winning) an aesthetics industry award is a very visible way of having your expertise acknowledged. It demonstrates a level of confidence and expertise in your field which is reassuring for clients, especially in an industry where there are unfortunately so many cowboy operators.

7. Attract new team members

As well as increasing morale amongst existing staff members, entering and winning awards boosts your appeal to potential new recruits. Increased employee morale will also help attract and retain new recruits which is crucial when talent is hard to come by.

Hopefully we’ve demonstrated some of the many gains to be had from entering your business for aesthetics awards. As well as any physical prize you may win, it’s the intangible benefits that really add up – and not only for the winners. Just being nominated for an award can bring with it a host of benefits.

If you are looking to create an award-winning aesthetics clinic, contact us for a design and build quote.

See examples of our aesthetic clinic fit outs:

Real Clinic, Battersea

The Clinic at Holland Park

Ambra Aesthetic Clinic, Finchley

Rejuv Lab, Harley Street

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