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With spring nearly upon us, what better time is there to refresh your office space? A well-designed office can impact hugely on the attitude of everyone who works there, helping to foster values such as collaboration and teamwork. But large-scale projects aren’t always needed, so get creative and try these simple ideas to create a big impact.

Use colour
A simple covering of paint completely refreshes an area, but paint is not exclusive to the walls. If your office palette is quite neutral, cover exposed air ducts with bright colours such as yellow or add a pop of colour with quirky furniture. Colour has a massive impact on how we feel, so use colours to influence your workers. breaks down the Psychology of Colour and is well worth a read before you get out the paint brush.

Natural lighting creates improved emotional states and keeps employees more alert and active. So avoid heavy drapes, blinds and harsh fluorescents in favour of pleated shades and warmer bulbs.

Alternate the layout
Merely rearranging furniture can make an area feel fresh and new. In a reception area, use sofas rather than chairs for comfort and an added welcoming feel. Bring in Ergonomic furniture, such as desk chairs, standing desks or even wrist supports for keyboards to ensure comfort, meaning more work gets done. Flexible furniture is another must have, the modular systems are versatile and flexible, meaning they can be easily rearranged and create a fluid workspace where both collaborative and personal working is encouraged.

Bring in the green
Whether you have a large or small office, adding a touch of nature has no end of positives. Living walls would be a brilliant addition, bringing the outside in, facilitates a natural environment, leading to a calming presence – with the added benefit of removing toxins in the process. If you have a larger business, it is worth considering an indoor garden as a peaceful reprieve and alternative to a staff room. However, if you don’t have enough space adding potted plants, both large and small, can freshen up your space. For cleaner, healthier air, add a purifier.

Specify Areas
Upgrade your office kitchen to a true haven where staff can go and unwind on a lunchbreak, allow space for a relaxation area or ‘games and rec’ room. Adding a ping pong table could encourage team work and completely destress any mind, swap the old sofas for comfy chairs, beanbags or hammocks. If you boast an open-plan office, maybe go a step further and create privacy booths where employees can make calls in quiet and comfort.

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