January 2023

Project Description

Visit Health is a private healthcare clinic located on Blythe Road in London.
The clinic offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services including diagnosticsMRI, ultrasound, X-Ray, ECG – and urgent care services.

The Visit Health practice occupies four floors of a building which previously housed Elton John’s Rocket Record Company.

Our project involved a full strip out and Cat A fit out to all floors.

MRI Equipment Installation

The greatest challenge of the project was installing the Fujifilm Oasis Velocity Open MRI scanner.
Visit Health is the first UK clinic to feature this specialist MRI scanning equipment which, unlike most MRI machines, is open, making it less claustrophobic for patients.

Maneouvring and installing the 15 tonne MRI unit involved a large team. In order to move the equipment into the building we had to install temporary steels and remove one external wall to create sufficient space. To safely crane in the MRI equipment we also had to apply for a temporary road closure.

This was an exciting project to work on and to add to our diagnostics portfolio.

Visit Health Diagnostics Centre

A clinic in central London offering full diagnostics services

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The Day Clinic, Cambridge

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Vitalscan Diagnostics Centre

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