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One of the biggest challenges when creating a new dental practice is space optimisation. Dentists have to accommodate a vast range of equipment, tools and supplies, which is tricky if your space is limited.

Optimising the space you have is essential to ensure your clinic operates smoothly and your patients and staff are comfortable.
In this article, we share six design tips for creating a space-saving dental practice.
light grey dental cabinetry

Built-in cabinetry at Miswak dental practice

1. Incorporate built-in cabinetry and storage

Incorporating built-in cabinetry and storage units into the design of your dental clinic is a simple way to help maximise space utilisation. By integrating cabinetry into the walls to accommodate equipment and supplies, you can save on floor space, making it easier to move around your clinic. Bespoke cabinetry is an alternative option to off-the-shelf cupboards if you have a particularly awkward space.

2. Use wall-mounted equipment

Wall-mounted dental equipment is a great way to save floor space in your clinic. Equipment such as x-ray machines and monitors can be mounted on to walls, freeing up floor space and making your clinic look and feel more spacious.


space saving dental practice

Compact dental surgery at Islington Smiles

3. Opt for compact dental equipment

When designing a small dental clinic, it is important to choose equipment that is compact and space-saving. This can include smaller dental chairs, compact sterilisation equipment, and smaller x-ray machines. By choosing smaller equipment, you can optimise the available space in your practice without compromising on functionality.

4. Use sliding doors

Using sliding doors instead of traditional swing doors is quick win when it comes to maximising space. Sliding doors do not require as much clearance space as swing doors, making them ideal for small rooms and areas where space is limited.


space saving decon room at small dental practice

Compact decon room

5. Optimise your layout

Working with an expert clinic design team will ensure that you are optimising the space you do have. Our design team has years of experience in designing clinic layouts so can ensure your available space is used to its best advantage.


neutral colour dental surgery

Neutral colour palette at Tooth dental surgery

6. Use a neutral colour palette

Create a sense of spaciousness in your dental clinic with a neutral colour palette. Light-coloured walls and flooring help reflect light and make the space feel brighter and more open. Avoiding clutter and excessive decor can also help to create a more spacious-feeling environment.

In conclusion, designing a small dental clinic that maximises space utilisation requires careful planning and attention to detail. But by working with an expert team who will incorporate the right storage and equipment, optimise your layout and incorporate a neutral colour palette, even a practice that’s limited in size can be appealing, comfortable and efficient for patients and staff alike.


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