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Dentists are able to reopen to the public following the Coronavirus pandemic since 8th June 2020, provided they follow the guidelines from the NHS on PPE and safety precautions.


If you need to take measures to Covid-proof your clinic, we can help in a number of ways:

  • Installing sneeze screens

Sneeze screens are an effective way to reduce the transmission of droplets.  Our team can install sneeze screens on reception desks and other points of contact with clients.

  • Adapting layouts to conform with social distancing rules

We can reconfigure your clinic layout and add signage to introduce one way systems and safe distancing.

  • Installing advanced ventilation systems

Covid has created a need for improved ventilation.  Our team can install sophisticated extraction and filtration systems to ensure aerosol contaminants are minimised and air exchange levels are optimised.

  • Fitting traffic light entry systems to indicate when rooms are safe to enter

Traffic light entry systems are a simple way to show staff and patients when it is safe to enter a room, reducing the risk of contamination.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help make your clinic Covid compliant.

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