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We’re proud to be sponsoring the FMC Private Dentistry Awards and celebrating outstanding talent in private dentistry.

Crafting a compelling award entry is crucial to stand out among the competition and demonstrate your practice’s achievements and contributions to the field of private dentistry. But how can you make sure your entry stands a good chance of winning?

Here are our tips for writing an award-winning entry for the FMC Private Dentistry Awards:


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Apollo Interiors are a proud sponsor of The Private Dentistry Awards

1. Understand the Award Categories and Criteria

Before you start writing your entry, make sure you have a clear understanding of the award categories and their specific criteria. Each category may have different focus areas and judging criteria. Tailor your entry to align with the relevant category and emphasise the aspects that match the criteria.

2. Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition

Clearly identify and communicate what sets your dental practice apart from others. Focus on your unique approach, specialised services, exceptional patient care, cutting-edge technology, or any other distinctive factors that make your practice outstanding. Showcase your strengths and explain how they contribute to the overall success of your practice.


beige dental surgery

Highlight what makes your practice unique

3. Tell Your Story

Begin by introducing your practice and its journey. Explain the mission, vision, and values that drive your team. Discuss any challenges you have overcome and milestones you have achieved. Sharing your practice’s story helps the judges connect with your entry on a personal level and understand your dedication and passion for dentistry.

4. Provide Evidence and Data

Back your claims with concrete evidence, statistics, and measurable results. Include data that demonstrates the impact of your practice on patient satisfaction, treatment success rates, growth in patient numbers, or any other relevant metrics. Quantifiable data adds credibility and substantiates the quality of your services.


graph data

Back up claims with evidence


5. Showcase Patient Testimonials and Case Studies

Incorporate real-life stories and testimonials from satisfied patients to provide a human touch to your entry. Include before-and-after photos, if applicable, to visually demonstrate the transformative impact of your treatments. Present compelling case studies to showcase the expertise and effectiveness of your practice.

6. Highlight Staff Excellence and Training

Detail the qualifications, expertise, and ongoing training of your dental team. Emphasize their commitment to continuous professional development and how it contributes to delivering high-quality care. Showcase any certifications, awards, or recognitions received by your team members.


Female dentist smiling

Highlight your staff excellence and training


7. Demonstrate Community Involvement and CSR Initiatives

Discuss your practice’s involvement in community service and any corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Highlight how your practice gives back to the community and supports causes related to oral health or overall well-being. Demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility can leave a positive impression on the judges.

8. Craft a Compelling Narrative

Write a clear, engaging, and well-structured narrative that captures the attention of the judges from the beginning. Use a storytelling approach to weave together all the elements of your entry, making it cohesive and easy to follow. Be concise, focusing on the most impactful and relevant information.

9. Proofread and Seek Feedback

Once your entry is complete, proofread it meticulously for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors. Ensure that the content flows smoothly and effectively conveys your message. Seek feedback from colleagues, mentors, or industry experts to get valuable insights and suggestions for improvement.

10. Submit Early and Follow Guidelines

Follow the submission guidelines provided by the FMC Private Dentistry Awards carefully. Ensure you submit your entry well before the deadline to allow for any unforeseen issues. Double-check that you have included all required materials and information in your submission.


Private Dentistry Awards Judge, James Goolnik, shares his own top tips for an award-winning entry:

  1. Read the criteria and keep to the word count.

  2. Provide evidence to back up your statements with figures, photos or videos.

  3. Only include evidence from the last 18 months.

  4. Keep it to one document – a pdf or powerpoint – please not multiple attachments!

  5. Show how you engage with your community and give back.

  6. If you enter more than one category, make sure you have tailored your entry to that particular category and don’t send the same entry multiple times.

  7. If you are lucky enough to be shortlisted, please attend the event to celebrate your or your colleagues’ achievements.

By following these steps and putting in the effort to create an outstanding entry, you’ll significantly increase your chances of being recognised and celebrated within the private dentistry community. Good luck!

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