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Over the past couple of years we have worked on an increasing number of plastic surgery clinic fit outs. It’s true that many design principles apply across all types of clinic, whether they are dental, medical or aesthetic. For example, careful space planning is crucial alongside selecting the right finishes for each situation. (That wooden flooring may look great but will it really stand up to rigorous cleaning and wear and tear?)

Designing and building a plastic surgery clinic requires your fit out contractor to have a certain level of medical knowledge.

Working in conjunction with our colleagues at The Clinic Builders, we have designed and built cosmetic surgery clinics across the UK. Although many of our projects are based near our office in Hertfordshire, we have worked on plastic surgery clinics all over the UK, including London (Real Clinic and The Clinic at Holland Park), Portsmouth and Manchester.

Plastic surgery clinics introduce an added layer of complexity due to the surgical nature of their procedures. Working out how to design a plastic surgery clinic requires expertise. Performing invasive surgery under general anaesthetic requires very different conditions and equipment to non-invasive aesthetic procedures.

It is important to choose a fit out company that fully understands the requirements of running a surgical practice – something the average fit out company will not be familiar with. From the necessity of a back up power supply (in case there is a power cut during surgery), radiation shielding protection for x-ray suites and appropriate storage areas for medical gas canisters – these are not considerations that are needed for your average fit out.

The main components when deciding how to design a plastic surgery clinic include:

Clinic Space Planning

Space planning is a key element of any clinic design project. Careful planning of standard client-facing areas such as reception areas and waiting rooms is standard. Planning spaces such as operating theatres and recovery bays requires greater expertise. An expert clinic fit out team will be able to advise on all areas of your clinic and how to best utilise the available space to create a practical clinic which maximises return on investment.


Appropriate ventilation and lighting are crucial in a surgical environment. We work with experts to ensure your clinic environment meets the high standards necessary. We can cover all of your clinic’s mechanical, electrical and data systems to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


Sourcing the right equipment is vital for any plastic surgery clinic. We can recommend and liaise with equipment suppliers to ensure your clinic is fitted out with ease.


We understand that different areas in your clinic require different finishes. You might prefer a luxurious hotel feel in your waiting area or a smart boutique environment for your on-site store. This will naturally be a very different environment to the operating theatre or recovery bays, where health and safety finishes and equipment are even more paramount. Our design team can work with you to create zones within your clinic to set the tone for each stage of your patients’ journey. And of course, all our work is carried out to meet CQC standards.

Staff Areas in a Plastic Surgery Clinic

As with all clinics, effective staff areas are an important piece of the jigsaw. This means designing your staff areas to meet their functional work needs (do they have enough space / appropriate lighting / storage etc) as well as their personal needs (is their staff room welcoming and relaxing / is there enough natural light etc).

When people spend so much time at work, creating a positive environment is important to promote wellbeing.

If you are considering setting up a plastic surgery clinic, contact us to discuss your project and arrange a no-obligation quote.

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