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As patients are increasingly looking for a one-stop-shop to meet all their needs, a new breed of clinic – the ‘Superclinic’ – is evolving

Over the past five years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of dental clinics diversifying into the world of facial aesthetics.

We discussed in a previous article how the skillset of dental professionals makes them the perfect candidates to offer injectable treatments. If you’re keen to try out injectables but unsure where to go, who better to trust than your dentist? As the demand for aesthetic treatments continues to grow, more dentists are branching out to meet this demand.

As a result, we’re finding it’s now increasingly commonplace when we fit out a dental practice, to also fit out a dedicated aesthetics treatment room on the premises.

But the evolving world of combined treatments isn’t just occurring in the realms of dentistry. Cosmetic surgery clinics once focused solely on surgical treatments. Now we are seeing an increasing number of clinics offering their clients non-invasive procedures and even holistic healthcare.

A ‘haven of calm and good taste’

The Clinic at Holland Park embodies the ethos of the Superclinic. We worked on this recent project with the interior design team at Happy Place. The clinic offers cosmetic surgery procedures in relaxed and stylish surroundings, alongside a host of healthcare and aesthetic treatments. Clients can come along to get everything from eyelash extensions to nutritional advice.

As founder, Richard Scawn, explained in a recent interview with Harpers Bazaar, patients were often asking him for advice on where to go for non-surgical treatments or wellness advice. In response, he decided to create a super-stylish clinic to offer clients a ‘seamless wellbeing journey’.

The clinic’s appeal is convenience and expertise. Few clinics can address all your aesthetic and wellbeing concerns under a single roof by a team of experts.

It’s not only the holistic approach which makes The Clinic at Holland Park stand out – it’s the ambience. As described by the clinic itself, it is a ‘haven of calm and good taste’. Product displays are more reminiscent of a high-end boutique than a surgical clinic. While the clinic is super-stylish, the pops of pink also create a relaxed sense of fun.

Another advantage of the multidisciplinary clinic is that it helps to preserve client privacy. It’s true that aesthetic treatments are becoming increasingly mainstream and normalised. However, despite many individuals being open about what they have had ‘done’, lots of clients still prefer to keep things under wraps. Upon entering a Superclinic, you could be going in for a facial or a surgical procedure – no one is any the wiser.

With multidisciplinary clinics becoming increasingly popular, we expect the concept of the Superclinic to be one that gains traction in coming months.

See details and more photos of our fit out for The Clinic at Holland Park.

If you are looking to open your own aesthetic or medical clinic, contact us to arrange a free no-obligation quote.

Reference: ‘The rise of the superclinic: London’s chicest cosmetic clinics‘ by Jennifer George, Harpers Bazaar

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