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Does your dental surgery feel contemporary – or does your dated interior design let it down? Inspire confidence in your patients and create a clean and cutting-edge atmosphere, with these design tips fit for a modern dental practice.

Utilise modern technology from reception to treatment room

If you’re up to date with the latest technology, it shows that you’re staying ahead of the curve. A modern dental practice will be equipped with technological innovations, such as:

  • Touchscreens where patients can check themselves in on arrival
  • LED TV screens that display useful information in the waiting area
  • Digital signage that announces the next patient and lets people know if appointments are running late

Your digital displays can also show off just how you are staying up to date with newer treatments, and demonstrate the new, cutting-edge technologies that you are utilising in the treatment room.

Clean, light and bright

shutterstock_33605512When your patients step into your practice for the first time, they need to feel that it’s a pleasant and healthy place to be. A modern dental practice should ideally be light and airy, and it goes without saying that it should be squeaky clean.

  • Natural light always helps to put patients at their ease. Install glass doors and skylights where appropriate, and consider using daylight bulbs if your interior feels too dingy.
  • Shiny surfaces of glass and metal will help to convey a clean and hygienic feel
  • An open plan waiting area will create a feeling of space
  • Light-coloured walls and décor will open up your interior and help create an upbeat and positive atmosphere

Prioritise comfort

A modern dental practice values its clients. Make your patients feel appreciated by ensuring their comfort at every stage of their visit.

  • Include a water cooler in the waiting area
  • Add small touches like indoor plants and artwork on the walls, to make your surgery feel more welcoming
  • Don’t forget the bathrooms; make sure they are well lit and frequently cleaned. Offer generously sized mirrors, pleasant soaps and modern, high-speed hand driers that really work.
  • Comfortable seating in the waiting area is a must!

Child friendly features

Any modern dental practice must make children feel welcome; our early experiences will shape our attitude to visiting the dentist, so a good experience in childhood can lead to better dental health in adult years. Try to include some of the following child friendly features:

  • Baby changing facilities and toilets that are accessible for small children
  • Ample space for buggies to manoeuvre
  • Décor that is welcoming and shows children that this is a place for them. Choose a small section of the waiting area and brighten it up with wall decals and a brightly coloured carpet
  • Activity toys that keep their attention. Choose items that are easy to keep clean and hygienic.
  • Child friendly features don’t always have to be exclusive to children; fish tanks are a common feature that serve to relax and absorb patients of any age

At Apollo Interiors, we specialise in dental surgery design. Get more dental clinic design ideas on our blog, or contact us to find out how we can transform your surgery into a modern dental practice.

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