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We are well into 2018 already, where is the year going!  New and exciting interior design trends emerge every year and office interiors are certainly no different. Here is our guide to the latest trends in the world of workspace interiors for 2018.

Gone are the days when a workspace was all about being functional – a physical place to be, 9-5pm.  Today’s modern workspace is all about flexibility and how it makes staff feel. A workspace is a critical tool for not only attracting employees to work with you, but also keep them motivated to stay. As a result, more and more companies see the value of investing in somewhere they know their staff will love to spend time – and therefore perform well!

Home – Work – Social blend

As the line between work, home and social life becomes increasingly blurred, employees are expecting more and more from their chosen place of work.  Its not just about the office design itself, more about the little touches, the added value stuff that makes them want to get up in the morning!  It might be the comfy bean bags to sit and take a breather, or brainstorm! Or integrated services such as dry cleaning, shoe polishing, chair massages and lunch deliveries. Today’s workplace is all about offering a more holistic, flexible experience to staff and today’s office design needs to reflect that.

Plug and play

A step on from hot-desks, todays’ modern, fluid way of working means that as long as you have a power socket, you can work!  Corridors, communal spaces, cafes, pubs – technology has driven the flexible workspace trend and will continue to do so.

Collaborative, open spaces

The open  space is the perfect place for individuals, or teams, to breakout and collaborate. The uses of scatter cushions, soft seating, white boards and TV screens mean that interaction, relaxation and collaboration is easier than ever before. Maximise and utilise every area to get the most out of your space and your staff.

Good-bye partition walls

Gone are the days of separation through walled partitions!  Office interior designers are now looking at other, more flexible options and materials to create division amongst workspaces.  Natural bamboo walls, green walls created with an abundance of living plants (which have a host of benefits of their own!) and even acoustic panels are now being used instead.  Not only walls, but use of a variety of carpet and floor finishes can also create the feel of division, whilst continuing to encourage openness and social spaces.

Feeling at home

Workplaces have always had dedicated spaces to grab a quick cuppa, eat your lunch or have a quick catch up with friends.  Todays office design is all about destination venues, somewhere you really want to be, whether its over your lunch break, or after work. Hipster cafes, bars, games rooms and chill out zones equipped with meditation stations and yoga mats have become expected in the 2018 workspace. Some places will even provide comfy reclining sofas and beds for a power nap if you are lucky! A refreshed and recharged team is a motivated and productive team after all.

Biophilic office design

This is a broad subject but when it comes to office design, this is all about natural finishes and textures being used, with unlikely and less conventional materials being used such as cement wood, stone and metal. Biophilic office design refers to an increasing trend of bringing the outdoors indoors, or more accurately into the workplace. Subtle variations in natural hues add depth and interest to interior spaces, and create a nicer place to work!

So, how will the next 5 years pan out when it comes to the evolution of office interiors? We don’t have a crystal ball but we are sure that  advancing technology, adoption of VR/AR, workplace wellbeing and the role of HR/Facilities Manager will become even more prominent and that places of work will become synonymous with being at home – almost, but not quite.  Companies will continue to create a happier and more comfortable workplace for staff, which can only mean happier staff – and we are looking forward to watching the developments!

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