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If you dream of refurbishing your dental practice, what’s stopping you from making it a reality?

Here, we take a look at the main issues to consider.

Do the sums

First things first: can you afford it right now? Refurbishing a dental practice requires a sizeable upfront investment; you’ll need to shell out a significant amount of money in order to modernise your dental surgery and pay for any new clinical equipment.

At this initial stage, do your research with care; add up all of your expected expenses and find out how much you can expect to borrow, calculating this based on your projected income. Seek advice from other practice owners, look for potential investors and talk to the bank to get an idea of how financially feasible your plans might be.

It’s important to shop around for the best dental design and build contractors, but don’t scrimp on costs because this will be reflected when the refurb is complete.

Dental Surgery Chair in modern practiceWhat’s your target audience?

Are you targeting an affluent market with luxury cosmetic treatments, or is your dental practice one that offers NHS treatment to a cross section of the community?

Your ideas about which clients you want to attract will affect most of your refurb decisions. Or, it could work the other way around; if you can only afford a cheaper refurb, this will determine the types of patients you attract, and may therefore impact on your whole marketing approach.

Either way, make sure you’re fully clued up about the demographics you’ll be dealing with.

Recruit the best people for the job

The quality of your finished dental refurbishment relies on the professionalism of the people you employ to do the job.

Search around to find the right team and ask lots of questions:

  • Will they perform a site survey?
  • What about radiation shielding?
  • Do they have any CQC & HTM01-05 advice?
  • Will they project manage the refurbishment from start to finish?

Don’t be tempted to skimp on costs; you get what you pay for, and higher-end design and build contractors are worth what they charge.

If you are refurbishing a dental practice and require assistance with planning, interior design or fit-out, contact Apollo on 01462 732991. 

We’re dental surgery design experts who can offer our services and expertise at every stage of your project, helping to make your new venture a success.

Dental clinic design ideas

Plan your design and fit-out

After securing a refurbishment team, it’s time to transform it into the surgery you’ve planned for so long. This is a really significant stage of your project; once it’s done, your practice will be a physical reality. Working with specialist dental surgery designers will ensure that your practice complies with all the relevant regulations. Don’t forget the look and feel of the place; make sure the interior design of your dental surgery reflects the image you want to project.

Strategic marketing

If you’ve refurbished your dental practice, you can’t just wait for clients to find out themselves. Be proactive and strategic in your marketing efforts from the very start, doing everything you can to attract new patients following your recent fit-out. Ensure that you have a good online presence, do leaflet drops to homes in the area and make your grand opening into a big event.

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