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This month Dulux announced their colour of the year for 2021 – ‘Brave Ground™‘ – a calming shade of taupe.

Chosen for its ‘enabling and stabilizing’ qualities, this neutral shade is versatile and easy to coordinate with other colours.  Dulux claims it is a colour which helps you look towards the future. (Presumably in the hope that we can all put the disastrous year that is 2020 far behind us ASAP!)


Although it won’t go near resolving many of the challenges we are all facing in the current Covid-crisis, transforming your home into an oasis of calm has been proven to help with mental health.  And let’s face it, who couldn’t do with some ‘enabling and stabilizing’ at the moment!


The Brave Ground™ palette is a perfect complement to any existing decor, providing a subtle and timeless backdrop to create a sense of comfort and security. As part of the 2021 palette, Dulux has created a range of complementary shades, from muted neutrals to cheerful hues, allowing you to create a look that is unique to your space.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a feature wall, or to create a tranquil atmosphere with an entire room in Brave Ground™, this colour is an excellent choice. It’s also a great choice for those looking to make a subtle change, as the warm neutral hue is easily paired with other shades and textures.

For those looking for a little more excitement in their space, the 2021 Dulux Colour of the Year has plenty to offer. The shades of the Brave Ground™ palette can be used to create a vibrant and colourful atmosphere, or can be used as a base for a more muted and subtle look.

With its timeless elegance, versatility, and ability to be paired with many different shades, Brave Ground™ is sure to be a welcome addition to any room in your home.

Images by Dulux

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