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If you fancy sprucing up your home décor but you don’t have much to spend, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways you can get creative with your home interior design which wont break the bank. Simple, easy and cost effective changes can make all the difference. Check out our top tips below for decorating your home on a budget.

1. Lick of paint

A lick of paint is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to give your home an instant lift. Whether you make a statement with a feature wall, go all out and decorate an entire room in a dark, intense shade, or opt for a stylish two-tone scheme above and below a dado for example, a fresh coat of paint can really lift a room and make all the difference.

2. Scatter it with cushions!

decorating your home on a budget using scatter cushions

Perhaps you cant afford a new sofa but simply dressing your seating areas with a variety of different cushions can give an instant face-lift to your living space. Experiment with varying colours, fabrics and sizes – and take inspiration from the colour palette of the floor and walls.

3. Have a shift around

Sometimes the simple moving around of furniture can be just the change you need! It might encourage you to have a de-clutter too and get rid of those things you really don’t need, thereby opening up the space!

4. Maximise Natural Light

Something as simple as maximising the natural light throughout your home can be just the difference you were looking for. Try these quick and simple ideas:

  • Hang mirrors, particularly opposite windows.
  • Take down unnecessary window dressings and replace with filmy materials, such as voile and muslin, to diffuse light. Block out harsh sunlight with perforated roller blinds.
  • Put a fanlight over a door.
  • Turn an inner door into a glazed panel, or replace it with stained or clear glass.
  • Trim trees or bushes that overshadow windows.
  • Use light-reflective surfaces, and pale carpets and furnishings.

5. Introduce Mirrors

decorating your home on a budget ideas using mirrors to create spaceMirrors can be a cost-friendly alternative to works of art and something easy to utilise when decorating your home on a budget. Use them to add light and shimmer to your walls, or mix and match different styles to bring elegance and personality to even the smallest of spaces. A large, statement mirror will give the impression of space, perfect for smaller rooms. And everyone needs a mirror in the bathroom but why not add tiled mirrors to a large area for the wow factor, and practical too!

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