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With the aesthetic industry growing faster than ever, more individuals are looking to start up their own aesthetic clinics.  We’ve compiled a few tips to help.


When setting up your aesthetic clinic, one of the first things you need to do is define your brand.  Establish who your target market is and gain insights into what their needs and expectations are.  Decide what treatments you are going to offer.  Will your clinic specialise in certain treatments or offer a diverse range?

Once you are clear on what you are offering and who you are offering it to, you can use your insights to develop a branding strategy to appeal to your target audience.  Professional branding means developing guidelines for using a specific brand message, logo, typeface, colour scheme and tone of voice and using these consistently in everything from your website and marketing literature to your clinic’s décor.



The location of your aesthetics clinic is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make.  Choosing a central location means your clinic will be easily accessible.  Clinics with a town or city-centre location generally have greater visibility and a higher footfall but also command higher rental or property prices.

Out-of-town locations tend to be cheaper and offer more space.  Clients may appreciate the fact that out-of-town clinics offer greater privacy and they’re less likely to bump into someone they know outside.  The drawback is that you will have to put more effort and budget into marketing your clinic.


Make sure you do your research and find out who you are competing with in the local area before making any final decisions.  Locating your clinic near competitors doesn’t have to be a no-no, as long as you are able to differentiate your services.  If you are located near suppliers who offer complementary services, it can be beneficial for all parties.


Once you’ve decided upon your location, you need to ensure you choose the right property for your clinic.  It’s important to consider the building’s surroundings, accessibility and appearance.  Will your clinic fit in well to its surroundings?  Is your target market working or living nearby?  Is the property affordable?

Of course, a lot can be done to a property to turn it into a successful aesthetics clinic.  At Apollo Interiors, we have experience of helping aesthetic practitioners set up clinics in all sorts of buildings, from period properties on Harley Street to renovated country pubs.


Expert Advice

If you’re looking for expert advice on creating the right clinic for your business, get in touch with the Apollo Interiors team for a no-obligation quote.  We have extensive experience in fitting out aesthetic and medical clinics and can cover all stages of the process from the initial concept phase through to planning, construction and building controls.

It goes without saying that your success will not only depend on the factors listed above, but on offering the right treatments for your target market at the right price.  Not to mention results that will ensure clients keep coming back and recommending you to their friends.

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