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Can small be beautiful? Can it be functional, too? If you’re self-employed, or you own a start-up or small business, it’s likely that your workspace is on the bijou side. That’s no reason why your office can’t be both stylish and efficient, however; take inspiration from these small office design ideas for an attractive HQ that will impress clients, energise your staff and help you get the job done in comfort and style.

Keep it minimal

In a small office, you can’t get away with much clutter. Always keep your workspace clean and tidy, filing documents away when they are finished with, and washing up your cup as you go.

Another way to keep it minimal is to avoid cubicles and wall dividers. An open plan layout will enable you to make the most of every square foot of space in your office, while also opening up access to natural light to create a more airy and uncluttered environment.

It’s a truism that having a place for everything will make it easier to keep everything in its place. Which brings us on to our next small office design essential: storage.

Storage solutions and space saving furniture

Clever storage can make the difference between a sleek and minimal office space, and a cluttered and untidy area that feels crowded and unwelcoming. Thoughtfully considered furniture can help create an efficient small office design that works hard for you.

  • Make good use of every inch of space looking upwards. Installing shelves above head height is a great way to utilise an area that is often neglected.
  • Invest in storage solutions that can multitask. Choose cleverly designed multifunctional furniture that can double up as seating or storage.
  • Ditch bulky items that don’t earn their keep. For example, lamp stands take up a great deal of floor space without offering much back – go for ceiling-mounted lights and clip-on lamps instead.
  • Go paperless. It’s not a design idea as such; but you may be surprised at how much space you can save by digitising old files and enforcing office-wide policies to minimise the volume of paper you use.

Create the illusion of space

It’s important for your small workspace not to feel claustrophobic or hemmed in, or you’ll find it difficult to concentrate. In part, you can accomplish this by following the small office design ideas outlined above – but that’s only part of the story. In addition to those practical space-saving measures, you can also make use of the element of illusion.

  • Paint your walls in a light colour to emphasise the space. You could create a stylish look by choosing bright accent colours that brighten up the room.
  • Maximise the natural light available to you. Avoid placing furniture in front of a window. Choose blinds instead of heavy curtains, so that they can be rolled up to make the most of the sunshine coming in.
  • Mirrors and glass can help enhance the space you have. Glass partitions allow an uninterrupted eye line, while the clever use of mirrors will make your office feel larger.
  • Artwork on the walls gives you something to look at beyond the confines of your four walls. Inspiring pieces will brighten up your office and offer depth and inspiration.


At Apollo Interiors, we specialise in commercial interior design. For small office design ideas to transform your workspace, contact us to enquire about our space planning services.

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