Whatever the scale or type of refurbishment you have in mind (whether it’s small or large, your home or your office), the importance of project management during a refurb should not be underestimated if you wish to ensure a smooth process and a finished space to be proud of.

Here are just a few of the ways good project management guarantees you’ll get the end result you’re looking for, with none of the stress.

1.   Planning

Any good project will need to start with a plan. This should include everything that’s likely to come up during your project: building and planning regulations, risk management, reasonable timelines, contractor schedules and a detailed and realistic budget. An experienced project manager will have a good idea of what the project involves and its likely cost, knows how to manage a team and can ensure your plan incorporates everything that is likely to come up during the refurbishment.

Apollo’s project management service comes as part of your design and build project (be it a dental, medical, commercial or residential refurbishment). We deal with high-quality projects and each one is delivered in time and on budget!

2.   Don’t lose sight of your vision

Once you have your contractors on board, they are likely to have their own ideas and opinions on what your project should be and may offer alternative suggestions based on their experience. While it’s important to take expert advice on board, the key to good project management is to keep the end vision in sight. A good project manager will ensure your project flows along its intended path, without veering off in a different direction.

3.   Team focus and encourage teamwork

Any refurbishment project will rely on using different services and contractors who will need to work together. The role of an overall project manager is to communicate clearly with the designers, electricians, builders, plumbers etc. to keep them focused, ensuring they know what they’re supposed to be doing and when.

It’s equally important, however, to ensure they’re communicating well with each other. Good communication and collaboration between your various contractors will help to identify and overcome potential obstacles and encourage new ideas that will enhance your project.

4.   Maximise resources and keep the project on track

Once the project is underway, the project manager is responsible for ensuring contractors stay on track, coming in on budget and on time against the original plan. They are best placed to maximise resources by making sure work is being carried out efficiently, and that resources are being used effectively.

5.   Stick to budget

The importance of project management is most apparent when it comes to budget. By keeping clear lines of communication with contractors, a good project manager will ensure everyone working on the refurbishment is working to the original plan and budget on which your end vision is based. Any changes likely to affect your budget will be picked up earlier, and issues dealt with quickly, so you’re not left facing a big overspend at the end of the project.

Make life easy for yourself!

Hiring an external project manager could make a huge difference to the overall success of your refurbishment project.  Choosing someone with experience managing similar projects will save you time and money in the long run, not to mention reducing the risk – and stress!

Contact Apollo Interiors to discuss any aspect of your refurbishment project. Call 01462 732911 or email info@apollointeriors.com.

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