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At Apollo Interiors, we’ve specialised in dental clinic interiors for many years.  Our work is mainly in fitting out new dental practices and refurbishing existing ones.  However, in recent months we have seen a surge in interest in fitting out clinics that offer both dental treatments and facial aesthetic procedures.

For a company that also specialises in fitting out aesthetic clinics and medical centres, the transition towards integrating dental and facial aesthetics has been a progression that we are well equipped for.  But what is driving this growth and, more importantly, is it something your clinic should be considering?

Undoubtedly, one of the main factors in combining dental and facial aesthetics is the rise of the Insta Generation.  Never before has a generation been so acutely interested in achieving the ‘perfect’ look and willing to spend money on it.  According to a recent study by pharmaceutical company Allergan, an incredible 98 percent of millennials (born 1981 – 1996) will consider professional aesthetic treatment at some point in their lives.

Whether you agree with this new advent of beauty or not, the desire to look perfectly filtered, both in selfies and in real life, has led to explosive growth in minimally-invasive medical aesthetic procedures – namely injectables, lasers and skin resurfacing techniques.  These procedures are quick, often with immediately visible effects, whilst incurring minimal downtime.  In other words, they are ideal for busy individuals to squeeze into their lunch hour or for people who like to keep their treatment details under wraps.

But why the increase in dentists offering these services?  There are a number of reasons:

  • Clients are looking for a trusted provider
    Although the facial aesthetics market is booming (the ‘injectables’ industry is now worth over £2.75bn in the UK), regulation remains minimal. Whereas Botox is only available on prescription, fillers are easy to come by – any beautician can book on to a day course, get a certificate and start injecting.  It’s no wonder there has been a huge rise in the number of botched cosmetic procedures needing correction, 80 percent of which are caused by unregistered practitioners (source: Save Face).  As a result, clients are searching for someone they can trust to administer cosmetic treatments.  By opting for a dental professional, clients are confident they will be treated with a high level of clinical professionalism.
  • Dentists possess a unique skill set
    Dentists are not only trusted care providers, they possess outstanding clinical and anatomical knowledge of the face. Dental professionals have a set of key transferrable skills which makes them adept at administering facial aesthetic procedures, including handling fine instruments and injectables.  They also know how to treat complications should they arise.  As well as clinical dexterity, dentists are artists in their own right with an eye for achieving the optimal aesthetic balance.
  • Dental clinics offer the ideal setting
    When it comes to administering aesthetic treatments, dental clinics offer a ready-made, ideal clinical environment.  Not only that, in your existing customer base you have a ready-made prospective client list.
  • Facial aesthetics go hand in hand with cosmetic dentistry
    Cosmetic dental treatments can be life-changing for patients, and for most people their teeth are the first port of call in their transformation journey. But for many, teeth are just the starting point.  By offering a range of facial aesthetic treatments, your clients can access a complete rejuvenation package where not only their teeth but their whole face can be transformed.

Whilst facial aesthetics won’t be on the agenda for all dental practitioners, it’s clear to see why it’s a strong growth area in private dentistry.  And with increasing interest from the over-65s and male sectors of the market, it’s a market with much more growth potential.

If you’re looking to refurbish or fit out your dental practice or are thinking of setting up a combined dental and aesthetic clinic, contact our friendly team at for a no-obligation quote.

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