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Many dentists, if not all, will sell products from reception for patients to buy following their appointment.  Patients can pick up toothpastes, brushes, floss, you name it – if you recommend a product, chances are your patients can buy it there and then.

Well how about adding value to your customers by expanding your current product offering and selling Dental Products online? With over 73% of the UK population buying goods for delivery via the internet at least once a month, with nearly 24% doing so every week, why wouldn’t you sell your dental products online?

Selling Dental Products online has so many advantages

Being a dentist, who better person for your customers to buy from, than you?  You have the knowledge, training and expertise to ensure you are able to promote and sell the right products to your customer base – they trust you!

Other benefits of an online Practice Store are:

  • You will be providing additional useful content for SEO purposes (longer time on site with keyword specific products = better SEO)
  • A great way to capture customer details, build lists and use these for future marketing opportunities
  • You have the ability to reach and sell to a wider audience outside of your existing customer base
  • You can segment your lists and start to target your patient base by age, treatment, seasonal offers etc
  • You can help  up-sell and cross sell other services through the website and it can be used to help with reminders to attend check ups
  • You can easily link to other marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

So how easy is it to set-up an online shop?

Setting up an e-commerce website is easy and its extremely cost effective too. There are many options including Shopify, Squarespace and Sparkpay to name but a few. Any good platform will integrate into your current Practice website so you can promote your treatments and service primarily, but also up-sell your products and services too. In fact if your website needs a refresh it’s the perfect opportunity to integrate a simple online shop so  you can start selling dental products online, and also remember to ensure your website is fully optimised for mobile users to maximise its full potential.

The Digital world has never been more prevalent.  It’s time to think about where you want your business to be and where your competitors are connecting with their customers – don’t be left behind!

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