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Although school days were not always the happiest days of our life, there was something deliciously satisfying about the recreational activities on offer.  Remember the bean bags in the story corner, children fighting to get the prime position? Or the Table Football reserved for the common room, a tease of what could be yours when you came of age.

Well let’s wind on a decade or two, and it is interesting to see that a lot of office trends lean towards regression designs and furniture. So its time to release your inner child and start to get creative.

Breakout Rooms

The idea of a breakout room is a place to focus on the task at hand that is away from the main office or meeting room space. A space to develop thought and encourage a creative flow of ideas. Decorating a breakout room in bright primary colours with some oversized accessories is a sure way to spark creativity. Designing an environment that is a total contrast to static desk space will offer staff a change of scenery and accessories to stimulate thought. Adding oversized bean bags are an excellent way to encourage staff to relax and focus.

Accessories do not have to be expensive, adding swatches of multi-coloured post-it notes and sharpie pens are a perfect way to encourage creativity. Wall mounted Chalk Boards and chalk pens can also look pretty funky and are great for capturing and showcasing those ‘key deliverables.’

Cardboard Furniture

Cardboard furniture is everything and ticks all the right boxes for being quirky, innovative, 100% recyclable and reminiscent of childhood.

Not only is it fun to assemble as a team, it is also completely portable, and can be packed away flat when it is no longer needed. Cardboard tables and chairs make the ideal addition to breakout rooms where more furniture is needed.  The furniture could also be used in creative sessions where the furniture is painted or designed as part of a team building workshop.

AI Box have a really impressive selection of cardboard furniture in a range of shapes and sizes.


Yes, that’s right, adding a space where playing with lego can be enjoyed is the ideal way to encourage communication, team building and problem-solving.

Building a Better Business Using the Lego Serious Play Method, by Per Kristiansen is an excellent, easy read on the creative approach to enhancing innovation and improving business performance using Lego.

Taking things a step further and adding some oversized lego blocks to office space can add a delightful pop of colour and charm.

A Place For Everything sells oversized Lego Storage Boxes in a selection of bright, fun colours. These make an ideal storage repository for stationery, company brochures and Christmas decorations. They also act as a constant reminder of how lego can be incorporated into business play.

Up On The Roof

Not every office has a massive amount of surplus space, so why not take advantage of the rooftop.

There are many quick wins to turn your outdoor space into a cosy meeting or recreational area to be enjoyed all year round. Adding a few metres of astroturf, some comfy tables, chairs and outdoor lighting will create the perfect space that can be used by ad-hoc workers seeking a quiet corner to catch up on phone calls. During the summer months its fun to add inflatables that can double up as casual seating. Staff will be queuing up to kick-back on a fabulous flamingo or sumptuous swan and relive their lost youth.  Inflatables can easily be stored indoors and deflated when they are no longer needed.

If you are considering a refurbishment of your commercial office space, please call us on 01462 732 991 and we can discuss what we feel would work for your type of environment.

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