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Is your home in need of a makeover? Update your interior for a look that’s bang up-to-date with the latest interior design trends of 2017.

1.   Freshen up your interiors with a bit of Greenery

If you want your home to be on-trend, look to Pantone’s Colour of the Year for inspiration. In 2017, the latest look is a lush and natural hue that reflects interior design’s current obsession with all things outdoors. Greenery is a versatile shade that will refresh your interiors with a calming hint of nature.

2.   Get inspired by the hive mind

Geometric honeycomb designs are one of 2017’s defining patterns. Hexagons in strong, contrasting colours provide a striking and distinctive interior design theme that is currently adorning floors, wallpaper, accessories and more.

3.   Reclaim your floor with upcycled wood

In 2017, it’s all about achieving a rustic effect with reclaimed wood for your surfaces. Sourced second-hand, reclaimed wood is the ultimate way to upcycle for an ultra-fashionable, eco-friendly floor or wall, or even a table top or surface.

4.   Bold as brass

The metallic finish of choice in 2017 is that fabulously classy alloy, brass. For a simple way to update your look, accessorise your home with a few key pieces fashioned from this elegant metal. Brass door handles, taps and lamps will make your home appear effortlessly on-trend, while retaining timeless appeal.

5.   Stay in touch with new textures

Furniture and accessories have real tactile appeal this year, with soft velvet, faux fur and mohair all making an appearance in 2017’s key pieces. It doesn’t end with interior designers’ choice of material, either; texture-rich features like pleats and folds take the tactile trend one step further. This is one of the easiest interior design trends of 2017 to adopt; look to add mixed fabrics or textured wallpaper for a quick, tactile fix.

6.   Mix your materials for unexpected effects

The tactile theme also runs through a number of trendy materials that are ubiquitous this year. Cork is another natural and highly textured material that is making a comeback, and combined with the contrasting features of concrete or marble it’s one of the hottest looks of 2017.

7.   Enjoy a night on the tiles

Terracotta floor tiles in geometric patterns are one of the key interior design trends this year. For a simple, Mediterranean look, consider retiling your floor, or even incorporate terracotta into your walls and ceiling.

8.   Get your upholstery nailed

Lavish, upholstered headboards are big in 2017, with the trend for soft, velvety bedheads definitely promising a year of great sleep ahead. And elsewhere in the home, upholstery is getting interesting; nailhead features on ottomans and chests make for a distinctive new look for furniture and home accessories.

9.   Go Deco with geometric glamour

The geometric shapes and brass fittings we’re seeing this year chime perfectly with one of 2017’s main underlying themes: art deco. Go all out and have fun with this glamorous look for your home: introduce geometric patterns into the mix, deck out your living space with lavish velvet and brass accents, and for a more outlandish statement, get fashionable with flamingo prints.

For more advice on incorporating the interior design trends of 2017 into a residential refurbishment, contact Apollo Interiors on 01462 732 991.

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