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Each year interior designers wait expectantly for the announcement of Pantone’s latest Colour of the Year.

Last year’s colour was a vibrant shade of periwinkle blue called Very Peri – a joyous, hopeful colour to mark the world emerging after the pandemic.

This year’s colour is even brighter!  Viva Magenta is inspired by one of the brightest hues found in nature – Cochineal.

(If you’re familiar with the name, cochineal used to be a commonly used food colouring.  Although natural, it is made from the bodies of South American crushed insects, which has led to it being phased out of many foodstuffs).

Viva Magenta – Pantone Colour of 2023 (image courtesy of Pantone)


Viva Magenta has been selected because it is ‘powerful’ and ’empowering’.  In the words of Pantone: ‘It is a color that is audacious, full of wit and inclusive of all.’

It’s certainly not a subtle shade!  It will be interesting to see how many colour schemes feature this new shade in 2023…

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