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The allure of the luxury car showroom

In a world where products are bought increasingly online, car dealerships still play a central role in the buying process, particularly in the luxury car world. Luxury car showrooms reinforce the sense of exclusivity and the allure and identity of the brands they are showcasing. Showrooms are designed to create a powerful impression on the customer and ultimately drive sales for the brand. It’s therefore no surprise that the best car showrooms are the result of careful planning and collaboration between the brand representatives, architects, interior designers, structural engineers and other consultants.

Ferrari Showroom
Practical Considerations

Ensuring a showroom is practical to operate is just as important as ensuring it looks impressive. Points to consider include:

  • The number of cars to be displayed (the exclusivity of a brand often seeming proportionate to the amount of space surrounding the cars)
  • Flow of day-to-day activities (including the ease of being able to move cars in and out of the showroom)
  • Location of reception area
  • Location and of client areas (lounge area, WC)
  • Staff facilities
  • Size and location of servicing areas
Audi Showroom

Design considerations

You’d be forgiven for thinking that luxury car showrooms have more in common with art galleries than your everyday car garage. Luxury cars are often displayed as if they were works of art. Attention therefore needs to be given to ensure the vehicles are displayed to their best advantage, with lighting being particularly key. The right lighting in the best position helps bring out the beauty of the cars – their form, shape and character.

It’s also vital to ensure all showroom features are on brand, from the choice of colours to the materials used. The aim is to create an environment that is helping to sell a particular lifestyle in which the cars play a key role. The showroom helps to elicit an emotional connection between the client and the cars on display and ultimately drive sales.

Aside from offering a stunning sales environment, a showroom also needs to be adaptable and able to cope with periodic changes.

Three Lamborghinis in refurbished South Kensington showroom
Lamborghini showroom by Apollo Interiors
Display case and storage in refurbished South Kensington Lamborghini showroom
Showroom display by Apollo Interiors

If you’re looking to set up or refurbish a luxury car showroom, Apollo Interiors can help. Contact us for a friendly chat about your requirements.


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