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Always keen to keep at the forefront of the latest trends, Apollo Interiors’ Designer, Sarah, visited the Surface Design Show in Islington this week for some design inspiration.
Here is Sarah’s first highlight from the show:

Terrazzo display by Vicalvi

‘Terrazzo is so hot right now!  It’s everywhere, love it or hate it, it is making a big comeback and fits in well with the sustainability movement that is growing in momentum.  Sustainability is no longer just a trend, it is an increasingly important issue that all designers must be conscious of.
‘Terrazzo is also great for public spaces as the multicoloured chips can help to hide dirt and marks in a demanding environment.
What gives Terrazzo its Eco-Friendly credentials?
  • Terrazzo is usually made of cement embedded with other materials such as scrapped marble, rock or post-consumer glass.  Because Terrazzo utilises post-consumer composites, the manufacturing process centres around the recycling of waste materials.  Invented hundreds of years ago, Terrazzo is the original recycled flooring.
  • Thanks to its production process, Terrazzo contains no volatile organic compounds or VOC.
  • Terrazzo is extremely durable.  It is often recommended for high-footfall areas like hospitals, airports and shopping centres.  And because Terrazzo can be refinished repeatedly, there is no need for the floor to be replaced.


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